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8 things your Senior Dog wants you to Know - Free PDF Guide

You blink and your pet is moving into their senior years!

The average age of your pet turning “senior” is around 7 years for dogs & 10 years for cats.  Instead of turning a blind eye and ignoring the slow aging process, I dare you to embrace & actually enjoy this time in your pet’s life!  


Give your Senior Pet the Gift of Massage!

The Senior Dog Massage Digital Workshop!


In this easy to follow workshop, you will gain complete confidence that you are the one to relieve anxiety & muscle tension throughout your pet’s whole body.  Your senior dog will go from feeling anxious with tight muscles to feeling calm & comfortable.  You will be the hero in your pet's journey!



Resources for every Stage of your Senior Pet's Journey 

8 Things your Senior Cat DEMANDS you to Know.

Cat's don't necessarily tell us what they need as they get older.  It's up to us to take the necessary steps & decide what to do to keep them comfortable.  Want some easy tips?  Click below!

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How to tell if your Dog has Arthritic Pain.


Grab our Freebie & learn 10 different ways if your pet is struggling with arthritis.

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10 Signs your Cat might have Arthritic Pain.


Learn 10 subtle different behaviors that will show you if your senior cat has arthritis.

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Hi!  I'm Megan!


Have you ever felt:

  • Sad & confused because your pet’s in pain from arthritis - 1 pill just doesn't seem like enough to keep him comfortable.
  • Your pet's been diagnosed with an arthritis & yet you still obsessively scroll your phone each night searching for new information.
  • Should we go to the vet for this?  How do you know if your pet is in arthritic pain?
  • Are those super expensive supplements working on my pet? 
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Watching our beloved pets get older & slow down can be heartbreaking - we feel helpless, frustrated, & sad.

I teach pet owners how keep their older pets comfortable, balanced & strong right from home!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I help you:

  • Know when your pet is in pain- and what you can do about it right now!
  • Learn simple strategies to make your pet more comfortable at home.
  • Help decrease your pet’s arthritic pain & discomfort - using a multi-modal approach!
  • Learn certain targeted exercises that you can do with your pet to keep her strong & balanced throughout her senior years!

Check out our Interview: 

Check out our interview with People with Passion for Pets where we dive in deep about how we can help our senior pets as they age with easy & helpful tricks!
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