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Hi!  I'm Megan!


Have you ever felt:

  • Sad & confused because your pet’s in pain from arthritis - 1 pill just doesn't seem like enough to keep him comfortable.
  • Your pet's been diagnosed with an arthritis & yet you still obsessively scroll your phone each night searching for new information.
  • Should we go to the vet for this?  How do you know if your pet is in pain???
  • Are those super expensive supplements working on my pet? 
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Watching our beloved pets get older & slow down can be heartbreaking - we feel helpless, frustrated, & sad.

I teach pet owners how keep their older pets comfortable, balanced & strong right from home!

Resources for every Stage of your Senior Pet's Journey 

Senior Canine & Feline Massage Workshop


Give the Gift of Relaxation for your pet's tired Muscles & aging Mind!!


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How to tell if your Dog has Arthritis.


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Safe vs Unsafe foods to Feed your Dog this Thanksgiving! 

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You blink and your pet is moving into their senior years!

The average age of your pet turning “senior” is around 7 years for dogs & 10 years for cats.  Instead of turning a blind eye and ignoring the slow aging process, I dare you to embrace & actually enjoy this time in your pet’s life!  


I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Grab my 8 Things your Senior Cat DEMANDS you to Know - Freebie

Let's keep them COMFORTABLE.

Cat's don't necesarilly tell us what they need as they get older.  It's up to us to take the necessary steps & decide what to do to keep them comfortable.  Want some easy tips?  Click below!

I help you:

  • Know when your pet is in pain- and what you can do about it right now!
  • Learn simple strategies to make your pet more comfortable at home.
  • Help decrease your pet’s arthritic pain & discomfort - using a multi-modal approach!
  • Learn certain targeted exercises that you can do with your pet to keep her strong & balanced throughout her senior years!

Check out our Interview: 

Check out our interview with People with Passion for Pets where we dive in deep about how we can help our senior pets as they age with easy & helpful tricks!
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