Meet Megan, Your Senior Pet Advocate!

7 Years Ago...


I had the same thoughts & feelings you’re having with your senior pet.  

When my rescue rottie-lab mix, Jack, walked into my life, he looked like he was 105-years-old! He struggled with hair loss, loud noises, & terrible arthritis… 

As he aged, I felt so confused & frustrated because I didn’t know how to help him, other than to give him a pain pill.

Jack is 100% the reason I started The Senior Pet Movement. There’s so much more we can do for our older pets, yet few people really know how!

After running my own Canine Rehab Department, I realized the older pets who had the BEST quality of life were the ones whose owners consistently worked with them at home, had them on supplements that actually worked, & understood when their pet was in pain.  

You can learn these simple strategies to help your senior dog or cat become less painful, more mobile, strong, & balanced.

I came to understand the struggles that our older pets go through while working with Board Certified Veterinary Surgeons & Neurologists.  

I learned many strategies to improve our pets’ quality of life as a Licensed Veterinary Technician & a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. 

Your pet is incredibly important to you - and you want him or her around for as long as possible.  

I have 15 + years of experience working under primary care vets, board certified neurologists, board certified veterinary surgeons, & learned under physical therapists.

My mission is to change how we care for our older pets & to show you how to give your pet the best quality of life possible through their senior years!