Do your Dogs do this on Halloween as well??

anxiety cats cbd dogs halloween senior Oct 29, 2021

October 31st is such a fantastic day for us!

Dressing up for Halloween & taking my kiddos trick or treating is always super fun!

I'll be waddling around with my own jack-o-lantern since I have a 32 week pumpkin growing in me right now!

Our senior dogs get in on the fun as well with costumes of their own!

… old biddy kitties are usually not so much into it.

Unfortunately, Rooney & Einstein, my senior pups, become super anxious when the actual trick or treating starts up.

Hundreds of doorbell rings ensue for the next 3 hours!

How are they supposed to keep us safe when we keep opening the door to weird looking gremlins, ninjas or worse…. human sized CATS?!?

The panting, pacing & barking that happens every year can get exhausting for all of us when we’re handing out candy.

Do your dogs do this on Halloween as well?

This year I will be trying a slightly different tactic…

I’m going to take the edge off by giving them a CBD chew to help with the constant anxiety.

CBD taps into your pets' eat, sleep, relax, forget, system. It will help calm their nerves during this hectic time.

I'll also give this product to my dogs about 2 hours before the festivities start so it has time to kick in.

The CBD company I use is vet owned &  always happy to answer all my questions about dosing.  

They only use the highest quality &  I feel relieved knowing there are no heavy metals, pesticides or THC in this product.  

Somehow, it puts my mind at ease when I know this is a product that a vet is overseeing.

Keep this in mind for next year if you would like to try it with your own pups.

If you would like to know the CBD product & company I use, please reach out & email me at [email protected] or DM me on FB or Instagram.

I love chatting with owners to help improve the quality of life for both you & your pet!  

Have a wonderful Halloween everyone & hopefully for us, our pets will have a calmer one as well with CBD on board.

Age is Not a Disease.

Enjoy the Journey!

Megan Weaver LVT, CCRP

Owner of The Senior Pet Movement

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