Has your friend ever given you a Friendship plant?

Have you ever felt the guilt & pressure to make sure it survives?

My very wonderful dear friend gave me one in June & I’m proud to say it’s still ALIVE!  - but not looking good.

It’s sitting on my table, somehow staring at me making me feel like I’m not doing enough for it. - Crazy town I know!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

I’m not a plant person! 

I like them…

I know they can help clean the air, bring color into the room….but for the life of me I cannot keep them alive for the long term.

If I started out just getting a plant before I had kids (which some people say to do…) I would not be bringing our 3rd child into this world in December.

But...that’s ok.

I know what I am good at…..caring for my kiddos, dogs & cats!

They not so patiently remind me when they need to be fed or need more water.

When my senior dog starts limping or is slower to rise in the morning, this tells me he might need a Vet visit or some pain meds, or a massage.

For me, animals are sooooo much easier to read!

Do you find this too? 

Or are you a wizard & can tend to both plants & animals. - I am totally in awww if you can.

I must admit 15 years of watching animal behavior & how our dogs deal with arthritis really did help me know what to look for.

I would love to share sacred information with all of you with a FREE PDF GUIDE on how you can tell if your senior dog might have arthritis.

Click the link HERE & download my free PDF!

If you really are a wizard….send me pictures of your dogs/cats next to your plants! 

Maybe I’ll become more motivated to try harder to keep my friendship plant alive! 

Age is not a Disease.

Enjoy the Journey! 

Megan Weaver LVT, CCRP

Owner of The Senior Pet Movement

PS if you haven’t clicked on the link above yet, hit the button HERE to grab your FREE PDF - 10 ways to tell if your senior dog might have arthritis!