Introducing The Senior Dog & Cat Massage Workshop!

cat arthritis cats dog arthritis dogs pet massage senior pets the senior pet movement Dec 06, 2021


Hey there!

I've been working super hard on revamping this pet massage workshop for months! 

I've been really getting down to the core about why Pet massage is so important to me & why I feel everyone's pets could benefit from it!

I'm so excited you're here with me to check it out!

I created this workshop for all the concerned pet owners out there with aging pets that are looking for something more for their furry family member! 

After I learned pet massage from my Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner training, I knew this was a game changer for owners at home. 

To have this power to help your pet whenever & wherever is such a blessing. 

If I can help owners feel empowered to help their dog or cat feel more relaxed & comfortable, I will have hopefully improved the quality of BOTH your lives. 

I've also realized that having another relaxation technique in your arsenal for your pet is an amazing feeling… for me it feels like my own personal super power! 

As my pets' age, I know the end is inevitable, but if I'm able to help them feel a little more comfortable & happy throughout their golden years, I know I did my part in giving them the best quality of life possible. 

That's really all you can ask for.... am I right?!?   

So if you feel  motivated to learn a new way to help your dog or cat, you, my friend, are in the right place & I am here to guide you through it! 

I feel eternally grateful that you would trust me to help you learn these new, easy to follow skills. 

The Senior Dog & Cat Massage Workshop is risk free. 

Please join me in realizing Pet Massage is the new TREAT

CLICK HERE to learn all the fun little details! 

Age is Not a Disease.

Enjoy the Journey!



If you missed the link, click on the button below.  In this workshop you even get to choose which species you’d like to learn how to massage  first… your dog or cat!  Don’t worry they don't understand favorites....I think... ;)

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