Is my Pet in Pain?!?

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One of the main questions I’m asked when talking with clients.  Owners hate to think their pet is painful & they don’t know it.  Which I totally relate to!

Honestly, there are times I”m sure where we miss our pet’s painful behaviors because many of them are stoic creatures.  Especially when arthritic pain sets in.

No dog or cat thinks it’s a good idea to start limping.  In the wild they’re brain would kick in and say, “if I limp in the wild, I’ll get eaten sooner!”  So you can’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a couple of the early signs, our pets are pretty stoic when they want to be!  

Pretending everything is fine might work for a little while, but soon enough arthritis pain progresses and your pet’s painful behaviors are pretty nuanced at first.  A little stiffness in the morning, a slight hesitation to follow you up the stairs, sleeping a little more…

Then the more pronounced signs progress such as limping, a decrease in appetite, no longer wanting to play or go on long walks…

This arthritic pain starts in a joint & just wreaks havoc in the joint, bones & surrounding tissues.  We’ll talk more about what arthritis is in detail next month but for now, here are the behaviors your dog or cat might be suffering from arthritic pain.  

Scroll all the way down for the top 10 signs of arthritic pain in your dog or cat.  Surprisingly, dogs & cats show different pain signs depending on the species!

If you notice a couple of these painful behaviors in your pet, call your vet & have your pet checked out.  Being proactive is the key!  

While you're waiting for that Vet appointment, you can do something now to help your pet. Click the link here and learn how to properly give your dog a relaxing Massage.

Keeping your furry friend more comfortable can help possibly slow arthritis & keep your pet moving & staying their happy go lucky selves.  

Something we all strive to do!

Of course, these are just some of the arthritic pain signs, your pet could show different ones.  Also, your if your pet has a decreased appetite, is vomiting, or has diarrhea, is drinking a lot of water or urinating more than normal, these are also reasons to bring your pet to your vet.  We are just concentrating on arthritic pain signs here. 

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Age is Not a Disease,

Enjoy the Journey!

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